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From Standard Bank Namibia and the Namibia Economist to you:
Online Business Talks Series:       #GrowYourBusiness….IT CAN BE 

“Prepare for the opportunities that come with adversity”

This series addresses how the pandemic has changed the ways people connect, consume, work, get educated and socialise, and in what way these patterns affect the re-set world that emerges.

Join us for the third session of the Standard Bank #GrowYourBusiness….IT CAN BE! online Business Talks Series on Thursday, 18 February at 14:30. Our host, Desèré Lundon-Muller, and three acclaimed panellists will share their expertise and show you how to grab opportunities and grow your business.

The topic for this session is:  “Prepare for the opportunities that come with adversity”

  • Practical guide to innovate, plan and prepare and implement for the year ahead.

  • Road to Mental Readiness: Building a Resilient Mindset.

    This session will teach you how to spot and identify new opportunities and how to ensure that you are mentally prepared to exploit them. 

On the panel are Afra Schimming-Chase of CHASE & Associates, Norbert van Wyk of Star Brain Coach Namibia, and Felicia Jooste, Manager of Enterprise Direct at Standard Bank Namibia.

In the first Talk, broadcast on Wednesday, 14 October 2020, our host, Desere Lundon-Muller, and the panellists shared their expertise and walked us through the lens of their own professional journeys.On the panel were Kauna Ndilula, Managing Director of Business Financial Solutions (BFS); Toivo Nuugulu, Architect and owner of Toivo Nuugulu Architects; and Felicia Jooste, Manager of Enterprise Direct at Standard Bank

In the second Talk, broadcast on Tuesday 24 November 2020, Desere was host again, joined by David Namalenga, Managing Director of Dinapama, and Vladimir Quido Winkler, the Chief Executive and founder of Guidao Mowira Group of Companies; and again by Felicia Jooste, Manager of Enterprise Direct at Standard Bank Namibia.

First Online Talk:

Watch on demand at

Second Online Talk:

Watch the full-length video of “Show me the Money” on YouTube here:

Third Online Talk:

Watch the video of “Prepare for Opportunities” at

After every talk, one prize is given with a grand prize up for grabs at the end of the series of talks.

What is the way out?

Never before have we seen a disruption like the current. It is unprecedented in our history and detrimental to the economy. The fallout from the lockdown is affecting each and every Namibian including you. There is not a single individual or company that has managed to escape its impact.

Ensure that you make the best decisions throughout this crisis for which no playbook exists.

As a service to business and professional people who find themselves in a crunch, Standard Bank Namibia, in collaboration with the Namibia Economist, has designed a series of online business talks to address relevant current issues for small and medium enterprises. This series brings experts and analysts together to help SME owners find solutions for the myriad of problems facing us, and to map a strategic road to participate in and gain the most from the post-pandemic economy.

Attend the digital Standard Bank #GrowYourBusiness….IT CAN BE! online Business Talks Series from October 2020 to September 2021 and it will teach you how to step up your game to address the immediate crisis and to guide your business to the next normal.

We will offer you the tools to start your business, to find the right financing in the right place, to define your market and your customers and to use internet tools for your business and accounting systems to keep your business in good standing with authorities.

You will also learn about the unique elements of HR management, or where to locate your business for optimal performance and market access. Finally, you will be guided to align your insurance with your business needs, anticipate legal challenges and formulate your strategies for long-term investment.

Look at the programme:

  1. “It is Possible”: It is possible by Kauna Ndilula & Toivo Nuugulu. From idea to action: A practical guide to starting up.
  1. “Show me the money80″ : Some think they need money to start-up while they don’t, while others need more than they think.
  1. Prepare for Opportunities” : Even in the face of adversity there are many opportunities for new business or for consolidation, or even growing out of it.
  2. “Sell me this pen” : Your product is no good if no one knows about it.
  3. “Sell me this pen”: Your product is no good if no one knows about it
  4. “Don’t get up”: E-commerce
  5. “Give to Ceasar”: Accounting, taxes, audits and compliance
  6. “Hire, fire and inspire”: You wont grow if you can’t let go, but for many entrepreneurs this is tough.
  7. “Location, location, location”: Can you work from the kitchen table or do you need to be in the mall
  8. “Speak to my Lawyer”: Legal; When do you need a lawyer (and how can you avoid one)
  9. “Better safe…”: Insurance; What insurance do you need at what point in your business life cycle
  10. “Reap what you sow”: Retirement; What is the end game? Sell the business or hand over.

Content Library:

We’re creating a library of content to help you navigate each monthly topic. This offers SMEs the flexibility to attend the conference and then watch it again later as and when convenient. All the conference presentations will be hosted at and will be accessible to all delegates who registered.

We are excited to share this information with you! Space is limited for this session and we are expecting a tremendous turnout, so sign up today to guarantee your seat. A link to register will be sent to you following your reservation.


To reserve your space for this special virtual event, go to:

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Stay safe, stay healthy

Best Wishes
Desèré Lundon-Muller