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From Standard Bank Namibia and the Namibia Economist to you, the entrepreneur!

Join us for the Eighth session of the Standard Bank #GrowYourBusiness….IT CAN BE! online Business Talks Series on Thursday, 19 August at 14:30. The presenters in this session will share their expertise to ensure that your business benefit from their knowledge and experience. The session is hosted by Desèré Lundon-Muller of the Economist.

The main topic for this session is:

“Achieve your goals, grow your investments and protect your wealth, your way.”  Top risks impacting SMEs and how to mitigate them.
2nd topic: “Location, location location:” The benefits and opportunities of investing in commercial property.

The presenters are:

Milner Siboleka, Research Manager at First Capital, and

Michael Bronkhorst, Manager of the Alternative Risk Transfer division at Momentum Insurance.

For a summary of the first seven webconferences in the series, see below.

First Online Talk:

Watch the video of It is Possible on demand at

Second Online Talk:

Watch the full-length video of “Show me the Money” on YouTube here:

Third Online Talk:

Watch the video of “Prepare for Opportunities” at

Fourth Online Talk:

Watch the video of “Sell me this Pen – Marketing and Sales” at

Fifth Online Talk:

Watch the full-length video of  the “eCommerce” conference at

Sixth Online Talk:

Watch the full-length video of the audit and taxes conference at

Seventh Online Talk:

Watch the video covering the full conference at

Eighth Online Talk:

Watch the video convering the full conference at

Look at the series programme: Completed sessions are highlighted in blue.

  1. “It is Possible”: It is possible by Kauna Ndilula & Toivo Nuugulu. From idea to action: A practical guide to starting up.
  1. “Show me the money80″ : Some think they need money to start-up while they don’t, while others need more than they think.
  1. Prepare for Opportunities” : Even in the face of adversity there are many opportunities for new business or for consolidation, or even growing out of it.
  2. Sell me this pen” : Your product is no good if no one knows about it.
  3. Don’t get up”: eCommerce and its many benefits for your business.
  4. Give to Ceasar”: Accounting, taxes, audits and compliance.
  5. Hire, fire and inspire”: HR for SMEs and the impact of Covid-19 and the growing mental health crisis.
  6. Achieve your Goals”: Can you work from the kitchen table or do you need to be in the mall.
  7. “Speak to my Lawyer”: Legal; When do you need a lawyer (and how can you avoid one).
  8. “Reap what you sow”: Insurance, Savings and Retirement; What is the end game? Sell the business or hand over.

Content Library:

We’re creating a library of content to help you navigate each monthly topic. This offers SMEs the flexibility to attend the conference and then watch it again later as and when convenient. The conference presentations are hosted at and are available to all registered delegates.

We are excited to share this information with you!  Since it is digital, space is unlimited. Invite as many of your friends and colleagues as you wish.  A link to register will be sent by email.


To reserve your space for this special virtual event, go to

For more detail, contact Desèré at

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong!

Best Wishes
Desèré Lundon-Muller