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Presenter: Afra Schimming-Chase

Topic: Prepare for the opportunities that comes with adversity. Practical guide to innovate, plan, prepare and implement for the year ahead.

CHASE & Associates

Well-known coach on financial matters, Afra Schimming-Chase needs no introduction. As a public speaker and financial coach, she is one of those gems that glides effortlessly between the demands of the corporate world, and the day to day existence of ordinary folks.

Afra was born in Germany, educated in Switzerland and France, and returned to her home country in 1998 where she immediately took up the position as legal advisor for Old Mutual.

In 2006 she set out on her own, making her vast experience and expertise available to a broader audience under the umbrella CHASE & Associates. Following her own motto of “How you do money is how you do life”, she empowers individuals and businesses to achieve financial abundance through simple and effective solutions.

Afra is passionate about financial empowerment and supports her clients in creating and maintaining a positive relationship with money, helping them to get and stay out of debt while building powerful financial futures which reflect their highest aspirations and wildest dreams.