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Gisela Kalipi, Clinical Psychologist at Bel Esprit Hospital in Olympia, Windhoek.

As resident Clinical Psychologist, Gisela’s first concern is with the mental wellness of all patients that are treated at Bel Esprit Hospital for mental health. She has been working in this position for just over two years.

Bel Esprit offers the support structure for people suffering from mental illness to help them grow out from under the shadows of mental health stigma and discrimination, to live functional, productive lives.

It is also Gisela’s life passion to help break that stigma that often accompanies mental illness.

She is a graduate of the University of Namibia after which she obtained her professional qualification, her Masters in Psychology, in India.

Gisela will discuss the mental impact of the Covid-19 crisis and how HR leaders can prepare to help their colleagues face the challenges ahead.