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Benjamen Biko Adams is the Manager for VAS & Digital Services at Mobile Telecommunications Ltd, Namibia’s leading mobile service provider popularly known as MTC.

MTC is a pioneer in eCommerce having grown their web presence from a regular company website, twenty years ago, to a fully interactive digital marketing and sales channel.

Benjamen drives the MTC Digital solutions and VAS portfolio. Some of the mainstream products that he has directly been responsible for include the Taamba suite of products, the MTC Verifi Solution, TikTok and Streaming Bundles to name but a few.

He has over 18 years combined experience in the fields of telecommunications, IT and Banking and as such is a strong advocate for digital transformation and fostering innovation.

He understands the benefits and the obstacles faced by all businesses not only in Namibia but Africa as a whole. Since it is evident that there are often enormous barriers of entry that stifle innovation in eCommerce, Benjamen is very involved in various incubation programmes in both his personal and professional capacity to help and assist young innovators in bridging some of these gaps.